The District Development Fund (DDF) has begun refurbishing damaged roads in five districts across Mashonaland West Province.

The resumption of the roads maintenance programme in the province comes against the backdrop of the release of a tranche of funds recently by government for emergency infrastructure repairs.

DDF Mashonaland West Provincial Coordinator, Mr Ericana Chikande said five districts are already rolling out maintenance works on roads and bridges which were severely damaged by flooding.

One of the roads is the Makande Gatshegatshe road where the organisation prioritised about a 7km stretch in the Matusadonha mountain range which is prone to land slides.

The road provides a link between the rest of the country and the Gatshegatshe 8 wildlife corridor and fishing camps.

Mr Jim Kadziya the provincial director in the office of the Minister of State for Mashonaland West Province bemoaned the dearth of a parallel road maintenance programme involving local authorities

He said road maintenance equipment has to be serviced by mechanics from Harare who take their time to attend to breakdowns.

Mashonaland West is set to receive about US$2 million from government for emergency work on damaged roads and bridges.