By Forget Tsododo and Panganai Nzira



“I say to our enemies, we are coming. God may show you mercy. We will not.” This was a comment on the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks on America by Senator John McCain.

The illiterate George Bush went into overdrive and adopted a stinging approach to hunt the alleged enemy. His sidekick Tony Blair tried to rally the world into supporting his dear friend. He used semantics to justify that the attack is an attack not only on America but on the whole world, hence the world should be united in condemning this attack.

Fair and fine. But maybe not. The Americans went into war haunting for Osama bin Laden, the alleged mastermind of the attacks.


As they undertook their operations the Middle East was the battleground for the conventional and psychological warfare.


Afghanistan came under fire, and so were the mountains of Pakistani and Iraq shelled into pieces as America and her allies took to the extremes of its scorched earth policy.

The September 11 attacks led to the loss of over 3 000 American lives and other foreign nationals. The sanctity of human life should never be demeaned because the loss of a single human life is a loss to humanity. Life brings forth hope and ululations, death, pain and mourning. Death from natural causes, the acts of God, are acceptable, but death from events induced by men, especially humans against humans, is totally unacceptable.

So many theories have been told of how the so-called developed countries are using development theories to stifle population growth by reducing the birth rates of developing countries – what can be termed human extinction through human actions.

What is even more worrying is that a particular human race took it upon itself to parcel land of another race to satisfy their own ego. In the process, those actions have led to the extinction of humans.

The Anglo-Saxons have been guilty of killing in the name of love and civilisation.

In Zimbabwe, they left an indelible ink of their efforts to decimate the black populace and a visit to the human dumping site in Chibondo, Mt Darwin tells a story of daylight political robbery by the white supremacists.

The case of Chibondo comes to the fore as a tip of an ice bag of how the Caucasian race now, aided by wolves in sheepskins, have been guilty of defying the sanctity of human life.

The President of Zimbabwe, Cde Robert Mugabe showed true statesmanship and exemplary leadership by calling for reconciliation soon after independence. He said Zimbabweans should let bygones be bygones.

The civility and love shown by the Zimbabwean nationhood was seen as noble route and exhibited that the nation is civilised.


However, the civility was soon to be threatened by the former white oppressor as he sought to resurrect the imperial project thought local bootlickers.

chibondo lecture.jpgThe exhumations of fallen comrades at Chibondo Mine is an important lecture in the history of Zimbabwe.

There has been a deliberate drive and campaign by the private media, spin doctors in the MDCs and their creative directors in the Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to distort and trivialise the significance of the exercise at Chibondo, where remains of thousands of victims of the racist Smith Regime’s brutality were discovered and are being exhumed.

The unrepentant Smith Regime public relations officers in the MDCs and their willing accomplices in the private media have found a convenient and yet sinister scapegoat in the tribal card, mudslinging and card staking as the exhumations have exposed their treacherous alliance with the white man guilty of a genocide with evidence there for everyone to see.

Regime change pirate radio stations like the ever-lying Studio 7 and Voice of America, whose journalists have never set foot in Mt. Darwin, are on a news manufacturing spree as they claim that remains exhumed at Chibondo have on them artefacts like mobile phones and jerseys with names of 21st century football star names printed on them.

This laced with the coarse jokes exposing an underlying inferiority psyche. Maybe there is need for the bones of the decolonisation crusade to resurrect and find mediums in Zimbabweans.

This, they are putting across in order to justify their wild and dishonest claim that some remains are of the so-called victims of the June 2008 election violence whose statistics are again a creation of the rich yet infantile imagination of the white man’s puppets masquerading as human right watch officers.

forget.jpgThis is contrary to what their claimed audience have indeed witnessed at Chibondo. Their supposed gullible audience have witnessed for themselves liberation war regalia that comprised side pocketed jeans known as ‘Stings’ and tender foot shoes known during the struggle as ‘Super Pro’s.

chibondo shaft.jpgThose who have visited Chibondo, known during the struggle as Monkey William Mine, have witnessed some remains clad in more than two sets of clothes each a case which can only be linked to the liberations war fighters who operated clad in more than one set of clothes as they had no place to store their regalia.

Some fly-by-night politicians masquerading as ZIPRA war veterans who have nothing to offer to the national discourse have found an opportunity to funning tribal hurt rage and have instituted legal action against the Fallen Heroes of Zimbabwe Trust and its leadership, saying conducting the exhumation is illegal unless they are involved in the exhumations. Laughable indeed!

Some have even went to the extent of insinuating calls for a parallel exhumations reciprocating the parallel government structure of the kitchen cabinet led MDC-T prime minister’s office.

The question is they want to be involved, but how? And consulted by whom?

They argue that their claimed deceased fellow ZIPRA comrades operated in areas like Mt Darwin and they feel they are being left out oblivious of the fact that Matabeleland is already well represented at Chibondo by progressive ZIPRA war veterans who came all the way from areas like Gwanda and Tsholotsho to witness and assist in the exhumations.

The National Chairman of War Veterans, Cde Jabulani Sibanda, visited the exhumation site and was in solidarity with Fallen Heroes of Zimbabwe Trust.

Which leaves us with the conclusion that what these negative forces in the private media, NGOs and political lobby groups are only trying to find relevance and garner political expedience in their false and unpatriotic claims against the exhumation exercise in Mt Darwin.

Zimbabweans will not be surprised by their brazen disregard of national ethos and values as they are known for singing for their supper and beating the white man’s drum louder than their own.

The spirits of the comrades being exhumed at Chibondo will never forgive them for that abomination.

The devil is in the detail we might have mercy, we may forgive as the living but as for the dead it needs spiritual intimation.

The prayer of the woman at a constitutional outreach meeting last year was a poignant reminder of what can befall the nation if we betray the motherland.

She said Mbuya Nehanda naSekuru Kaguvi mapfupa enyu achamuka ……she also went further to say mukasanyora zvisirizvo zvatataura muchamedzwa nevhu…vakasaendesa zvatataura vaurayeyi…