Pupils at Dangarendove Primary School in Manyame Rural District Council are risking their lives crossing Mamina dam to go to school using unsafe boats.

Imagine having to cross more than 500 metres across a dam using an unsafe boat under the control of an untrained person without life jackets, that is the life of pupils from Bumabamara area in Manyame RDC who have been enduring such a risky way of life for decades crossing Mamina dam going to school.

The parents led by the School Development Association chairman Mr Remmington Shumba said they take turns to cross the pupils but said they have no training on how to use the boats and no life jackets in case of a disaster.

“No one among us has any formal training on how to use these boats, we also have no life jackets in case of disaster which is very risky,” he said.

Zanu PF candidate for Chikomba West Dr Joseph Mangwiro expressed shock at the way the pupils are crossing the dam and said an urgent solution need to be found to avoid a potential disaster.

“I am really shocked that lives of these innocent is being put at risk by using unsafe boats to cross the river, an urgent solution need to be found,” said Dr Mangwiro.

More than 50 pupils stay across Mamina dam and cross the dam everyday as there is no school which has led to calls to establish either a new school or a satellite school.

Before some parents bought the new boats the pupils and other villagers were using homemade canoes made of wood which were even more unsafe.

Built in 1992 the dam brought both smiles and nightmares for the community by giving them a water source but the dilemma being there is no bridge linking the communities hence the unsafe means of transportation.