Many shudder at getting wet and scury for cover at the touch of a few raindrops but the feeling was different somewhere.

They say one can never apologise for the weather.

With the rainy season now upon us, event planning demands more attention but when the unexpected happens such as the opening up of the heavens, then the choice for those caught unaware is whether to maintain the event or abort it.

In this decision making moment the mood will certainly be dampened.

Interestingly aborting or a dampened mood was never the option for the crowd that had gathered to celebrate the opening of a science laboratory and prize giving moment at a local school in Harare’s high density suburb.

Instead, they chose to get wet in their celebrations to an extent they even allowed the certificates of excellence to also get soaked.

It was a moment reminiscent of days gone by, when just the sight of rains moved almost every toddler to dash out and find that moment to soak themselves in the joys of touching the heavens’ tears.