lake-kariba-dam-wall.jpgThe country’s dam levels have gained 1% on average and the current levels are reported at 65,3% full.

The river levels have also been increasing in the last three weeks across the country.

According to a report released by the Civil Protection Unit, the Zambezi, Limpopo, Save, and Musengezi river levels have been gradually increasing since mid-November.

Meanwhile, the Zambezi river authority opened a flood gate at Kariba Dam to release excess water.

 Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority has alerted areas that are likely to be affected by the opening of the Kariba Dam flood gate.

The authority’s spokesperson, Ms Caroline Washaya Moyo said the areas include Mana Pools, Sapi and Chewore North Safari.

She added that the authority has further made provisions of fuel and boats for quick evacuation.

Ms Moyo said that these are contingent measures the authority has taken to avert disaster.