Rescue missions are still ongoing in Chimanimani and Chipinge as volunteers are chipping in to assist government to re-construct damaged infrastructure in the province.

Regardless of its disastrous effects, Cyclone Idai has also exposed the selfless love which the countrymen possess.

Recently social media was awash with the story of a Highfield granny who walked a long distance to deliver her relief package to the victims, a gesture which preached the message that no matter how small or how big a contribution is, it still counts.

The same spirit is being observed at Skyliner juncture in Chimanimani where individuals are busy loading and offloading relief goods and among them is Shadreck Musasa.

He is one of the many who were affected by the deadly cyclone as his home was destroyed and so were his chainsaw machines which he relied on for a living.

Hopeless as he is, his situation hasn’t stopped him from playing his part on the on-going rescue efforts as this crew observed him from a distance locked on a fallen tree cutting branches with the sole aim of clearing the affected road for easy navigation.

Meanwhile, several roads that lead into Chimanimani have since been cleared and relief aid can now reach areas like Kopa and Rusitu where most deaths were recorded and thousands affected.