The tales of those who witnessed the severity of Cyclone Idai may never be told as many lost their lives but one young pregnant mother from Chimanimani found grace as despite being marooned.

She was able to deliver her baby, thanks to the heroic feat of the husband.

Heroes and heroines are men and women who combat adversity through feats of ingenuity, bravery or strength and the story of a Chimanimani couple perfectly fits this honour.

Marooned and left helplessly stuck on a tree branch Tariro Guvakuva never expected that the shock of Cyclone Idai would trigger labour pains even under such incomprehensible circumstances.

Today admitted at Chipinge hospital where she is nursing her bouncing baby boy, Tariro tells the story of how her husband for that moment became a midwife to save her and the unborn child from a near death encounter.

The story of the young mother brings a little cheer at a time many were not as fortunate as her.

Befittingly so the couple has named the baby Anesu assumedly to say God is with us for indeed his grace located them.