Farmer collects samples of suspected toxic effluent spilling from a gold milling plant in Glendale

Resettled farmers in Glendale area are now fearing for their lives and animals after heavy spillage of toxic effluent from a gold milling company which is finding its way into their water reservoirs.

The setting up of Slemish Gold Milling close to resettled farmers is now backfiring with fears of toxic substances having contaminated drinking water gripping communities in Glendale.

Following heavy rains recorded in the area in the last two days, water tanks at the milling company burst, spilling suspected contaminated water into the community posing danger to dwellers and animals.

A visit to the site by the ZBC News saw officials from the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) taking soil and water samples for tests with farmers livid as they previously lost their herd.

EMA) provincial manager Mr Robert Rwafa said they are waiting for test results without ruling out prosecution for the owners of the milling plant.

Small scale gold miners usually use toxic substances such as cyanide and mercury but cyanide is the most dangerous to both people and animals.