Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) is concluding research on two tubers which are regarded as highly nutritious as stock feed.

CUT Animal Production and Technology Research Unit academic, Dr Chrispen Murungweni said progress research so far carried by the institution has shown beyond doubt that the two unnamed types of tubers have high nutritional and medicinal properties as stock feed for cattle.

He said the tubers have since been grown in different climatic regions to ascertain the conditions under which they grow better.

Each of the tubers can attain a weight of up to 45 kgs and a minimum of 25 kgs.

The tubers can be dried and ground or they can be consumed especially by cattle while fresh.

“The university will have the two tubers patented first before they can be commercialised. Besides the high nutritional content, the tubers have an antibiotic effect on cattle,” Dr Murungweni said.

Although the ZBC News crew was given an opportunity to view the tubers, it was not allowed to film them as part of efforts to protect intellectual property rights on the part of the university.

Meanwhile, the university is extending its cattle breeding programme to the farming community by offering artificial insemination services to farmers who require better breeds than they currently have.