umoja dance.jpgThe curtains have come down in style at the Umoja Flying Carpet 2011 cultural exchange programme, with participants hailing the country for its hospitality and scenic beauty.

The 2011 Chapter of the Umoja Flying Carpet culminated in a brilliant finish with the final act being described by organisers as the best ever in the 8 years of UMOJA’s existence.

Zimbabwean coordinator to this year’s first edition of UMOJA, Professor Fred Zindi described the performances as spectacular and much improved compared to previous years.

Norwegian students who were in the country for the first time courtesy of the UMOJA were all full of praises for the country, which they found to be different from what has been portrayed by the western media.

“The hospitality of Zimbabweans is just awesome and it is contrary to the negative publicity this country has been exposed to by international media,” said one student identified as Grace de Guia Worren.

Zimbabwe hosted this year’s first edition of UMOJA under the theme, ‘Promotion of peace and development through cross cultural collaborations.’

Participants were drawn from Zimbabwe, Norway, Mozambique and South Africa, which will host the second edition of the programme in October.