Curio traders who sell their wares close to the Great Zimbabwe Monuments have appealed to government to assist them with building a shelter where they can operate from.

The traders who said sales have drastically dropped in the last few years remain hopeful of a change of fortunes.

A number of the curio traders who are situated just outside the Great Zimbabwe Monuments have been there for over ten years.

The entrepreneurs who operate from an open space said building a shelter will ensure they can operate throughout the year regardless of the weather.

The past few years have, however, seen a downward trend in sales with some saying while they used to earn at least $500 a month, lately one can fail to get as little as $20.

They, however, remain hopeful that sooner rather than later, once again business will improve.

The traders target tourists who will be visiting the Great Zimbabwe Monuments with the price of their wares ranging from between $3 and $50.