The First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa says the promotion of Zimbabwean identity can be achieved by preservation of culture through food, dressing and dance.

This came at a consultative meeting held at the Zimbabwe House.

Culture is dynamic and changes through interaction with other nations.

Globalisation has resulted in the erosion of the Zimbabwe’s culture. The First Lady engaged stakeholders to come up with ways of promoting brand Zimbabwe.

Traditional food, cultural dances and national dress are some of the important areas recommended as key in preserving the identity of Zimbabwe.

Participants drawn from different ministries and the food industry agreed that there are a lot of opportunities in the promotion of culture and marketing of local unique Zimbabwean products.

Zimbabwe has unique dishes that are identified through regions examples being the ngozha delicacy from Manicaland, harurwa from Masvingo.

Most upmarket restaurants are thriving in their businesses as they angle the unique African taste dishes which are organic and healthy on their menu cards.