Various cultural groups and individual artists converged at Nyimo business centre in Sanyati to commemorate the Culture Week, amid concerns that globalisation and technology are eroding the remaining vestiges of the country’s culture.

Various artefacts were also on display showing Zimbabweans’ prowess in handcraft.

National Arts Council of Zimbabwe Mashonaland West Provincial Manager, Mr Jephias Makumucha said the Culture Week is important in helping the country salvage what is left of its culture that is under threat from technology.

Chief Neuso from Sanyati bemoaned the erosion of tradition, saying a number of rites that used to be observed have now been abandoned, while Mr Jim Kadziya, a director in the office of the Minister of State for Mashonaland West, blamed parents for failing to pass on the traditional legacy  to the young generation.

The Culture Week is commemorated in many countries in May.