Experiences on the field during farming moments are not pleasant due to the workload involved. 

For many villagers that time of cultivating weeds is the most painful.

In a farming season there are very gruelling experiences but probably none beats the time when one has got to pick up the hoe and go into their field.

It’s a package that just doesn’t come easily and one that can safely rate above many a gym workout.

One bends all the way till they feel the heat on their backs.

Cultivating weeds using the hoe is a process unavoidable for many villagers.

At that moment there is even an appreciation that in the whole farming chain this is the most painful moment.

As in many other facets of life there are quitters also on the field who will walk away before the targets are achieved and the height and density of the weed speaks to this failure. 

One might forgive them that it is not all who make it to the finishing line in this marathon of the “stomach.” 

Technology has also brought in signs of relief through the introduction of cultivators and weed chemicals but the requirement to always follow up with a hoe is unavoidable.

Yet for all its good intentions the hoe is never viewed as a friend but at most just that “unavoidable acquaintance.”

Of course the day in the field with the hoe is no pleasant moments even for many people. 

When the moment to take a rest finally does come it is a sweet relief from the gruelling “hoe” encounters.