cuba films.jpgThe Cuban Embassy has opened a series of film and documentary screenings on Cuba’s fight for self determination against the machinations of the United States as a way of improving solidarity with Zimbabwean people.

The Cuban cinema screening series, which opened last Thursday, is a collaboration between the Cuban Embassy and the Zimbabwe International Film Festival Trust (ZIFFT), meant to cement the cordial relations and cultures of the two nations through film.

In an interview with ZBC News, Cuban Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Enrique Antonio Prieto Lopez said the screenings show the importance of Africa to the Cubans in the fight against imperialistic tendencies of the west.

Ambassador Lopez said that the lessons drawn from the life of Benny More, as shown in “El Benny,” the inaugural film of the screening series, shows how art can be used to fight social and political ills.

“A freedom fighter, poet, teacher and diplomat, he was an idol of our music, who fought against all evils in a repressive neocolonial society. As can be learnt from this film…that is why Africa is important to the Cuban people,” said Ambassador Lopez.

The screenings will take place every 3rd Thursday of the month and will show serial documentaries entitled, ‘The Reasons of Cuba,’ which exposes evidence of the double standards of the US and her allies.

Titles under the series include “Trues and principles”, “Well paid lies” and “Dangerous aid,” which show American attempts to undermine Cuban sovereignty.

Cuban culture is derived mainly from African and Spanish heritage.

Zimbabwe and Cuba share a history dating back to the days of struggle for independence and both countries are under US sanctions, with Cuba persevering for over 50 years under the American imposed trade embargo.