cuban flag.jpgCuba has reaffirmed its commitment to work with Zimbabwe in the fight against global bullies which imposed sanctions on the two countries in a bid to perpetuate the neo-colonialist and imperialistic agenda.

There is scope for Zimbabwe and Cuba to enhance economic cooperation as the nations have remained close allies in the fight against Western imperialistic machinations that have seen the West imposing sanctions on the two countries.

Cuban Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Cde Enrique Prieto Lopez said Cuba will always throw its weight behind Zimbabwe in the call for the removal of the illegal sanctions as their effects have been felt in the economic meltdown experienced in the past decade.

As Cuba, we will always call for the removal of the illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe. This is a show of global arrogance and efforts to dominate the weaker countries,” said Cde Prieto Lopez.

Ambassador Prieto Lopez noted that his country continues this year to call for the liberation of its 5 heroes [the Cuban Five] unjustly imprisoned in the United States, saying they cherish the support rendered by Zimbabwe in this regard.

“Zimbabwe has been instrumental in calling for the release of the Cuban Five and this is greatly appreciated,” he said.

Zimbabwe and Cuba have strong diplomatic relations and have cooperated in various spheres.

Analysts say it is due of the vilification and imperialistic machinations by America and its western allies that cooperation has been critical between Zimbabwe and Cuba in areas such as in health, education and science.

In the education sector, many science teachers received training in that country while medical experts from Cuba are deployed in various hospitals across the country.

Just like Cuba has been under US sanctions for the past 5 decades, Zimbabwe has also experienced the negative effects of the trade blockade.