Independent politician, Eddie Cross and Industrialist, Callistus Jokonya have castigated the decision by United States of America President Donald Trump to renew sanctions on Zimbabwe, saying the move smacks of a hidden agenda to scuttle President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s political and economic reforms which have received international recognition.

They said Zimbabwe has made substantial progress on reforms and deserves more support than sanctions.

“In contrast, the European Union (EU) sent a signal that it is pleased with the progress of re-engagement. Zimbabwe has achieved most of the things in ZDERA, substantial progress on electoral reforms, POSA and on the economic front reforms are continuing, so to say Zimbabwe is a threat to the USA and deserves sanctions is nonsense,” said Cross.

“It should be Zimbabwe re-engagement process first, but Trump his decision to take the sanctions cart before the horse reflects America’s bullying behaviour to undermine developing countries from growing,” Mr Jokonya said.

“It is outside what a civilised country should do, to impose sanctions for the sake of undermining weaker nations, Trump should lift sanctions first and begin with re-engagement, thus democracy. This is also a lesson to MDC Alliance leaders to come to the table and work for the betterment of the people who voted opposition party members into parliament than causing chaos which affects the ordinary person,” added Mr Jokonya.’

The government has described the renewal of sanctions as tantamount to political agenda setting and contrary to the spirit of re-engagement which will not deter the second republic to attain an upper middle class status under vision 2030.