Masvingo Polytechnic is currently faced with a critical staff shortage in the engineering and environmental health departments.

This came out during the college’s 25th graduation ceremony.

The revival of the country`s industries is a process that involves many sectors and among them are institutions of higher learning, who are expected to churn out graduands with relevant solutions to industrial needs.

The Masvingo Polytechnic said it will remain committed to ensuring they keep their programmes in line with industries requirements.

The college’s principal, Mr Evans Musara said the massive exodus of skilled power coupled with the blanket freezing of posts has resulted in a critical staff shortage in the engineering¬† department and environmental health division.

“As a college we have a critical shortage of manpower especially in the engineering division . We are in need of more than 10 lecturers,” he said.

The Deputy Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Dr Godfrey Gandawa said the recent commissioning of the Tokwe Mukosi dam presents an opportunity for Masvingo Polytechnic to drive economic development through the infrastructure.

Dr Gandawa  said the polytechnic should take a lead in irrigation engineering.

“If this is done well, the spillover effects will be creation of capacitated downstream industries which will serve as catalysts for rapid nation growth and development,” noted Dr Gandawa.

The graduates included students from Equatorial Guinea.

14 608 students have graduated from the polytechnic since 1992.