samuel-sipepa-nkomo.jpgGovernment has called on local authorities to consider creating separate water accounts so that all revenue accrued can be channeled towards the development of required infrastructure.


As local authorities continue to face challenges in the provision of a clean and reliable supply of water to ratepayers, the problems are set to continue as long as the city fathers do not have a huge revenue base for the rehabilitation of infrastructure as well as procurement of water treatment chemicals.


The Minister of Water Resources and Infrastructural Development Mr. Sipepa Nkomo said, separation of  water accounts will enable local authorities to channel the revenue towards maintenance programmes.

Greater Harare requires 1,000 megalitres per day.


The Morton Jaffrey Water Works has the capacity to generate 614 megalitres of water per day, while Prince Edward has a capacity to pump 100 megalitres leaving a deficit of nearly 300 megalitres.

With power shortages which are being experienced currently combined with shortages of water treatment chemicals, the total output from the two plants is at 600 megalitres.


However, a significant proportion of the treated water is lost due to pipe leaks.