cde rugare gumbo 30-07-10.jpgZANU PF says the Ministry of Finance should come up with strategies to remunerate civil servants within and outside the country as adequate revenue inflows from the country’s mineral resources have gone into treasury.

ZANU PF Secretary for Information and Publicity, Cde Rugare Gumbo told a media briefing that after this week’s Politburo meeting a number of issues were discussed and among them was the plight of civil servants.

Taking note that proceeds from Chiadzwa have been and continue to be remitted and receipted by the Ministry of Finance, the Politburo resolved that the resources are now a significant part of the National Consolidated Revenue Fund which is housed in the Ministry of Finance.

The Politburo noted that the funds should be managed equitably and transparently to finance national programmes and to acquit the obligations of Government, hence the Ministry of Finance should fund civil servants’ salaries.

ZANU PF called upon the Ministry of Finance, to pay attention to the needs of Government in order to guarantee a stable and functional bureaucracy manned by a well motivated staff.

The Politburo was of the view that this goal must take precedence over all including superseding pension claims by Rhodesians living overseas.

The revolutionary party has vowed to continue to push for the nation’s greater say in the exploitation of all mineral resources, insisting that Zimbabweans must have a stake in all diamond claims in the country.

2011 has been marked as the turning point in the overall empowerment programme.