floods.jpgThe Civil Protection Unit (CPU) says it is well prepared for any floods that might occur in the country’s low-lying areas following the announcement by the Meteorological department that heavy rains are likely to continue until the 25th of this month.

With the rains expected to continue until around the 25th of January, fears are that floods might be experienced in areas like Muzarabani, Tsholotsho, Beitbridge, Kanyemba and Chidodo areas which are some of the country’s low lying areas.

Widespread rains are expected to be experienced in most parts of the country with areas like Chiredzi having already recorded 18mm.

The CPU says it is well equipped and is ready to take action if floods occur.

CPU director, Mr. Madzudzo Pawadyira said other organisations like the police sub aqua unit are ready in the case of any disaster.

“Our teams are already on the ground and we have boats that were donated by IOM which are with the sub aqua unit waiting to take action if any disaster occurs,” said Mr. Pawadyira.

Meanwhile, Senior Meteorological Officer, Mr. Jonathan Chifuna said the widespread rains are being caused by the ITCZ (Inter-tropical convergence zone) from the north and the winds which are coming from the Eastern side of the country.

He said since the soil is full of moisture at the moment, floods are likely going to result.

“The winds which are coming into the country are bringing lots of rains and floods are most likely to be experienced soon as evidenced by flash floods,” Mr. Chifuna said.

Last year the country experienced widespread rains which continued for days leading to floods which destroyed houses and left some people and animals marooned in low lying areas.