floods.jpgThe Civil Protection Unit (CPU) says it is prepared for any disaster that might occur as a result of the extreme weather conditions that might characterise the current rainfall season.


Weather experts have forecast a 2010/2011 rainfall season that will be characterised by normal to above normal rainfall that is characterised by conditions such as flooding and hailstorms.


With only a few weeks into the rainfall season, some parts of the country are already experiencing the devastating effects of these extreme weather conditions with some people losing crops and properties.


The Civil Protection Unit however says it has joined hands with other organisations such as the police in educating and reminding people who are in flood prone areas on how to react when disaster strikes.


CPU Deputy Director, Miss Sibusisiwe Ndlovu said they are ready for any disaster that might occur and officials from her department are on standby in flood prone areas.


“We are prepared for any disaster that may occur as a result of extreme weather conditions and our teams are on standby. We are also warning people to seek refuge in protected places when they sense danger,” Miss Ndlovu said.


Early this year, some areas in the northern part of the country such as Kanyemba, Chidodo and Muzarabani were affected by floods that left hundreds marooned and destroyed homes and property worth thousands of dollars.