floods.jpgThe Civil Protection Unit says it is on high alert and has carried out extensive awareness campaigns in preparation for floods that might occur this rainy season especially after the Kariba flood gates were opened.


The Zambezi River Authority opened a spillway gate at Kariba Dam yesterday afternoon to release excess water and accommodate the large volume of flows building in the upper part of the Zambezi catchment area.


Although the water levels might not significantly affect the families living downstream, the Civil Protection Unit department says it is on alert in the event that the waters might swell.

CPU Deputy Director, Ms Sibusisiwe Ndlovu said they have carried out extensive awareness campaigns in the areas that are usually affected.

Ms Ndlovu said at the moment they are not expecting any floods in the meantime as the met department has forecasted that there will be normal rains during this time of the season.


Areas that are usually affected by floods are Muzarabani, Kanyemba, Tsholotsho and other low-lying areas.