zambezi_flood.jpgThe Civil Protection Unit has expressed fears of the recurrence of flash floods in the Zambezi escarpment area if Mozambican authorities do not open Lake Cahora Bassa’s flood gates.

The incessant rains that fell in most parts of the country over the past few weeks led to flooding in the Kanyemba area in Mashonaland Central.


The pressure of the water in Lake Kariba increased threatening the dam wall leading to the opening of the floodgates by the Zambezi River Authority early last week.


With the flood gates having been opened, the amount of water in the Zambezi River has been rising thus increasing pressure on Lake Cahora Bassa.


Civil Protection Unit Director Mr. Madzudzo Pawadyira said the Mozambican authorities need to monitor the water levels in Lake Cahora Bassa and open the flood gates when the need arises.


The Southern African Development Community has tabled a meeting with officials from different countries along the Zambezi and Lake Cahora Bassa to deliberate on how best these countries can synchronize and protect communities which reside in flood plains.