cottonn.jpgThe Cotton Producers and Marketers Association of Zimbabwe says it is in the process of setting up district sub-committees with the aim of ensuring that cotton farmers get relevant information and support in the marketing of the commodity.

The setting up of district sub-committees to offer technical support to cotton farmers in remote areas follow challenges faced by many farmers during the current marketing season which saw some farmers being swindled by some contractors with several others selling the commodity at unviable prices. 

Producers and Marketers Association of Zimbabwe Vice Chairman Mr. Morris Mukwe said it is imperative that cotton farmers throughout the country have access to vital marketing information so that they are not taken advantage of by ginners and contractors.

“We are current in the process of setting up district subcommittees with a view of ensuring that farmers have access to relevant marketing information,”said Mr. Mukwe.

 It is envisaged that committees will serve as platform where farmers share knowledge on the use of appropriate and affordable technologies aimed at increasing their agricultural produce as well as enhance working relationships between farmers and service delivery institutions.

Government intervened to address challenges faced by farmers at the onset of the marketing season by reviewing upwards the cotton producer price from the initial US$0.30 per kilogramme to a minimum of US$0.50 cents per kilogramme.

The liberation of the sector by bringing in more players was also seen as a solution to the monopoly previously enjoyed by previous merchants.