A youth organisation Children of Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (CZNLWVA) has added its voice of displeasure and distanced itself from terror group COZWA a youth organisation that is abusing the name of President Robert Mugabe and the First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe.

They described the actions by COZWA as unfortunate.

A video on social media which has gone viral shows members of the terror group using a yellow hammer vehicle with posters of the President and the First Lady depicting violence giving an impression that President Mugabe is a leader of a violent party.

In the video members of COZWA are also seen using sjamboks beating people who do not support the ruling party.

Zimbabweans should be given freedom to choose their leader and no one should be forced to support Zanu PF says Zanu PF Youth Secretary, Cde Kudzai Chipanga.

Cde Chipanga said Zanu PF youths do not take lightly the issue of such kind of indiscipline and warned everyone involved in such activities that the party will take stern measures against them.