roy-bennett28.7.10.jpgThe Supreme Court has reserved judgment in a chamber application by the state seeking leave to appeal against the acquittal of Roy Bennet by the High Court on charges of treason, banditry, insurgency and acts of terrorism.

The State, led by the Chief Law Officer, Mr. Chris Mutangadura had filed a chamber application to the Supreme Court in which it was seeking leave to appeal the acquittal of Roy Bennet by the High Court in May this year.


However, after hearing both submissions by the State and defense counsel, Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku reserved judgement indefinitely, saying he needs time to acquaint himself with the submissions. He said the record is too bulky and therefore will take time to go through.


However, Bennet’s lawyer, Ms Beatrice Mtetwa maintained that her client is innocent.


On the other hand, the State counsel led by Mr. Mutangadura contends that Bennet still has a case to answer.


Roy Bennet, who was facing charges of treason banditry, terrorism and insurgency was acquitted by the High Court on the 10th of May this year and the State indicated then that it was going to appeal to the Supreme Court.