burning-house-.jpgIn a case of suspected suicide an elderly white couple has died after setting themselves ablaze in their rented home in Harare’s Glen Lorne suburb.


The couple whose names have been withheld until their next of kins are notified suspected to have douse themselves with petrol and set themselves on fire.

The husband and wife whose origins are German were aged 80 and 70 respectively.

According to the couple’s gardener 52 year old Ricks Banda, the incident was only discovered at around past seven in the morning when he found the two charred bodies in the bedroom engulfed in thick smoke.

Banda revealed that his late employers who were pensioners had of late been experiencing financial difficulties.

Police spokesperson Inspector James Sabau said investigations are underway to establish what exactly transpired and urged people living in the same locality to socialise.

Not much is known about the couple who resided at number 18 Munyonga road in Glen Lorne as there are no known relatives.

The little which is known is that the wife used to say she had a daughter who now resides in Australia but it has never been authenticated.