augustine chihuris.jpgThe police Commissioner, General Augustine Chihuri says the continued underfunding of the police force by the Ministry of Finance threatens the country’s security and promotes lawlessness.

In an interview with ZBC News on police expectations in the forthcoming budget, Cde.Chihuri said the organization is facing serious financial challenges that can only be addressed with government support through the allocation of enough funds by the Ministry of Finance.

Commissioner General Chihuri said shortage of transport, fuel and stationary among many needs, is paralyzing the organization, whose mandate cannot be overemphasized.

 “Security of the country is compromised by this continued underfunding of the police. We don’t have fuel and transport and how do we perform as an organization,?” he said.

The public has been questioning service delivery by the police, mainly its delays in attending crime scenes, a situation that results in members of the public providing transport to police officers to enable them to attend criminal cases.

Such a development is however a mitigatory measure, and can be viewed as a loophole in the justice delivery system as it may result in the rich getting services at the expense of poor citizens.

It is against this background that the police commissioner called for the Ministry of Finance to allocate a meaningful budget to ensure the organization carries out its mandate and maintains peace and security in the country.