trust chikohora zncc.jpgThe Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) says there is need for the country’s legislation to back the current Public Private Sector Partnerships (PPPs) framework in order to create investor confidence.  


The country has already begun luring investors under public-private sector partnerships in various sectors following deterioration of  critical economic and social infrastructure in the country in recent years due to illegal sanctions imposed by western countries.


Speaking on the sidelines of a ZNNC dinner held in the capital, the Chamber President, Mr. Trust Chikohora, said further supportive legislation and clarification of PPP guidelines is required to instill investor confidence and guarantee protection on investment.


“If we market the concept well I think we are ready for investment particularly in road construction dams. Another thing which will help is finalisation of the indigenisation framework,” said Mr. Chikohora.


PPP’s were first introduced in 1998 to fund infrastructure and public services after government’s obligations to social infrastructure were negatively affected by implementation of structural adjustment programs.
Government however recently renewed its commitment to the success of the concept by creating a PPPs framework which is expected to build capacity for implementation.