blood donation.jpgThe National Blood Services Zimbabwe says the country’s blood stocks is still 500 units short of the national requirement of 3 000 units just 2 weeks before the festive season.


Despite the improvement of blood stocks this year, the country’s blood banks stand at 2 500 units, 500 units short of the national requirement, which stands at 3 000 units.

National Blood Service Zimbabwe Procurement and Public Relations Manager, Mr Emmanuel Masvikeni said the current figure however demonstrates the institution’s efforts in raising awareness on the significance of donating blood.

“This year we are happy with our stocks. So far we have already collected 2 500 units and our national requirement is 3 000. We hope by the time we break for the festive season on the 16th, we would have managed to reach our target,” said Mr Masvikeni.

To ensure that the country has enough blood stocks, December has been declared youth donor month and youths from across the country have so far donated 1291 units, which is expected to help in boosting the national blood stocks.

“Our youths and school going children are doing a great job. Most of our blood comes from this age group and on Saturday, when we launched the blood donor month we collected 1299 units,” he said.

National Blood Service Zimbabwe has also formed a club called ‘Pledge 25,’ which focuses on young and healthy citizens, who commit themselves to regularly donating safe units of blood at least 25 times in their lives.

The primary aim of the club is to allow for a smooth transition from school donors to safe adult donors and it has been noted that it also helps to effortlessly create a future pool of informed adult blood donors. 

School going children and young adults donate over 70% of the annual blood collections in the country.

The festive season is usually characterised by road carnage, hence the need for adequate blood stocks in the country’s blood banks.