grain millers.jpgA severe drought has hit most parts of the country with some business people cashing in on desperate communities by raising the price of a 20kgs bucket of maize from an average price of US$3 to around US$8.

A survey by ZBC News at Neuso Business Centre in Chegutu shows that most families have been affected by the drought that is prevailing in some parts of the country.

Villagers who spoke to ZBC News said they now look up to government for an urgent intervention before people begin to lose lives due to drought related sickness.

Chegutu East House of Assembly member, Cde Webster Shamu, who donated some mealie-meal to some families there, assured people that government through the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) has already come up with a plan to avert the situation by unveiling a drought loan scheme.

He however warned some people to desist from abusing the facility for personal gains.

Government through the GMB has a maize grain reserve of around 500 000 tonnes earmarked to assist families in the regions which were affected by the mid-season drought experienced last year.