voter.jpgIn 28 days Zimbabwe takes to the polls touted as watershed and expected to surpass the 1980 plebiscite.

Expectations from the generality of Zimbabweans are high and the elections body ZEC said all is in place for transparent and credible polls.

On the allegations by some political parties that the voters roll is tainted and ZEC is manipulating the process, ZEC Acting Chief Elections Officer Mr Slai Gwana said such allegations are malicious and unfounded.

However, a cross section of people in Bindura have hailed the prevailing tranquility ahead of the elections adding they are waiting eagerly to cast their votes.   

“The environment is very peaceful, there’s no violence we are just waiting for the election date to come so that we practice our democratic right. For most it’s business as usual in peace and harmony unlike the previous years were we experienced violence,” said some of the electorate.

Others said they were couldn’t wait to cast their votes since they are confident their political party of choice will win.

Bulawayo which has 204 candidates vying for the 12 parliamentary seats is somewhat subdued 28 days before the election and the general public thinks the White City terror attack incident could be a factor.

Equally invisible are political posters and party regalia.

Be that as it may, the majority of the people said they are ready to exercise their voting rights.

As the countdown begins, political parties are hoping to present their appeal to win the hearts of the electorate before July 30.

However, Mutare residents said peaceful campaigns which speak to political maturity have been the strongest characteristic so far as the clock ticks towards July the 30th.

This has brought confidence among the electorate.

President Mnangagwa has affirmed his commitment to guaranteeing that there will be free, fair and violence free polls with observer missions from all over the globe now in the country as part of this fulfillment.