town house 04-08-10.jpgLocal authorities and the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) have been criticised for their failure to regularise service providers in the setting up of infrastructure.

While the advent of cell phones and the installation of the fibre optic cable have been hailed as heralding a breakthrough in information technology, they have proved to be a curse to the country’s cities as they have caused a major make-over with trenches and masts everywhere.

A cross section of people who spoke to ZBC News castigated POTRAZ and councils for their failure to co-ordinate service providers to unite and utilize same infrastructure such as masts to avoid wasting resources and duplicating jobs.

Local service providers are embarking on an individual setting up of signal boosters and digging trenches one after the other.

In other countries, regulatory frameworks are put in place for service providers to pull resources and establish infrastructure at one place.

Anyone who comes later would then use the already set up facility but pays a certain fee.

But for Zimbabwe, things are different as network boosters of different companies are about a hundred metres apart yet one would be enough for all service providers.

All this is happening right in the faces of local authorities who have been accused of lacking foresight.