The government says rural local authorities are embracing the ease of doing business reforms as they seek to attract foreign direct investment through addressing infrastructure deficiencies within their respective areas.

The progress made by rural local authorities in addressing the ease of doing business was revealed at a workshop to draft 100 days of ease of doing business in the capital.

The workshop attracted all rural district councils with a view to coming up with new ways of doing business if they are to attract foreign direct investment in their respective areas.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Rural Development, Preservation and Promotion of Culture and Heritage Mr George Magosvongwe said a lot of ground needs to be covered if rural district councils are to survive in the challenging economic environment.

The government is pushing for ease of doing business reforms to ensure there is easy access to information for potential investors while also promoting behavioural change among employees as a way of enticing investors.

Currently, rural local authorities are looking at ways of widening their revenue bases through promoting investment inflows.