garbage.jpgHarare Mayor Mr. Muchadeyi Masunda says his council will not comply with the government directive to channel 70% of its revenue towards service delivery.   


Harare residents should brace for continued shoddy service delivery by the City Council as there are no plans in the immediate future to channel the bulk of revenue towards critical service.


In apparent defence of the hefty packages which senior council officials are receiving at the expense of service delivery, Mayor Masunda argued that 70 % of the revenue can only be channeled towards service delivery in an ideal environment where people pay what they owe.
 “I had a meeting with Mr. Zvidzai and Makone…..the truth is I get less from the city council as salary than I get an hour as an attorney…,” Mayor Masunda said.


On the issue of shoddy service delivery, Mr. Masunda claimed that council is failing due to limited resources as he says the city council is owed over $130 million.  


 “We do not have enough financial resources….against a salary bill of $7,5 million and 10000 workers…the city is owed US$131,951,334….satellite towns are insignificant,” added Mr Masunda.


Despite claims of limited resources, it is understood the Mayor and other senior officials are pocketing lucrative packages as high as $15 000 per month.


“I can not reveal my salary…,” said Mr Masunda.


While council officials continue to line their pockets, residents have now almost come to terms with living in squalid conditions as garbage is not being collected regularly giving rise to fears of a disease outbreak.