flea market.jpgLocal flea market operators have called on the Harare City Council’s by-laws to complement the Indigenisation and Empowerment Act through deliberate policies, which address the realities of the role of the informal sector in Zimbabwe’s economy.

The flea market operators say the City Council must come up with new by-laws divorced from those implemented during Rhodesian times, which do not realise that the country’s business patterns have changed.

“The council should drop the confrontational approach with traders and adopt by laws which are in tandem with the country’s Indigenisation and Empowerment Act,” said one operator.

Citing cases where they have been prevented by council from operating flea markets in certain designated areas, the traders say the local authority should realise that the country’s economy is now driven by the informal sector and should therefore seek ways of assisting them.

The traders’ spokesperson, Jason Pasadi called on the local authority to designate more areas where they can sell their wares.

“Flea markets have grown significantly to become a vital sector of the economy which cannot just be wished away, so the council should allocate more places for us,” Pasadi said.

Although flea markets have become significant in the country’s economy, the problem remains as to how the country can derive maximum benefit from their contribution to the country’s fiscus through paying tax.