zim maize.jpgThe recent slashing of maize crop in high density residential areas has been met with mixed feelings from residence.

Zbc News visited the high density suburb of Kuwadzana, where crops planted on undesignated areas in sections one and four were slashed.

Most residents have welcomed the move, saying council should make sure it slashes more areas as the maize fields have become havens for thieves and murderers who do not value the sanctity of human life.

However, the move was also met with some resistance as some said council should concentrate on tall grass and maize crops along roads as the pause danger to motorists by obstructing their vision, adding that that people should just avoid using  footpaths that cut through their fields.

“We need the maize, that is why we planted it. Instead of slashing our fields, the city council should concentrate on tall grass and maybe some fields, which obstruct motorists along the highway,” said one resident.

Urban agriculture has been cited as a major contributor to food security if practiced properly.

It has been noted that cases of muggings and murder increase in areas along the fields as the crops provide cover at night for thieves.

Last year, a man was murdered whilst walking with his girlfriend in a footpath in Kuwadzana 2.