harare_city logo.jpgThe Harare City Council has admitted failing to address the typhoid outbreak which has hit several areas in Harare, threatening thousands of lives.

Amid mounting calls for the entire City Council to resign, the admissions made by Harare’s Deputy Mayor, Mr. Emmanuel Chiroto, are bound to anger most residents.

In response to why the city fathers took so long to make the admission even with full knowledge of its capabilities, Mr. Chiroto failed to give satisfactory answers and only pointed out they have sent an SOS to the private sector for assistance in dealing with the typhoid crisis.

Criticism has been levelled against the City Council and the parent Ministry of Health and Child Welfare for failing to deal with the typhoid outbreak through bureaucratic tendencies that have put millions of lives at risk.

Local authorities dominated by the MDC-T have dismally failed to run council affairs to an extent where central government has had to intervene on several occasions.