Cotton production has surged by 30 percent as the cotton company intensifies the technical strategies for farmers to increase crop population and boost yields per hectare.

The latest national cotton assessment report by the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe (COTTCO) shows an upward trend of about 30 percent in the production of the white gold.

The report reveals that the cash crop is looking good in the cotton greenbelts where over 400 000 farmers benefited under the presidential cotton free inputs scheme.

The latest cotton production upsurge has been attributed to technical strategies whereby farmers have been trained to increase plant population to 33 000 plants per hectare. The techniques are expected to go a long way in boosting yields from an average 390 kgs to over 600 kgs per hectare.

Production of cotton recorded a jump from 10 000 tonnes in 2016 to 232 000 tonnes in 2018.

Meanwhile, COTTCO has rewarded several farmers who contributed to the recovery of the cotton sector through various prizes among them tractors, motor bikes, wheelbarrows, and nap sprayers.