cotton plant.jpgThe government will give its final position on cotton price next week, after Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development presents its recommendations to Cabinet.


Dr. Joseph Made who was speaking after a closed door meeting with an Ad hoc committee on Cotton Marketing could not be drawn into announcing the agreed position on cotton price but assured farmers that they will be rewarded for their produce.



The agriculture minister said while buyers and farmers are failing to reach an agreement, the government has taken a strategic plan under the China-Zimbabwe agreement that will see Chinese companies becoming major players in local cotton industry.


“There is need to come up with a comprehensive approach that will look into the provision of inputs and facilitating credit lines which are not there. Having an agreement already signed with China to become our partners in cotton, so farmers have to be happy as we are looking into best ways of supporting them,” said Dr. Made.


China produces about four million metric tonnes of cotton lint and imports another four million tonnes from other countries. 


Dr. Made said it is in this light his ministry is working towards reviving not only the cotton sector but the agriculture sector as a whole, by instituting mechanism that will cushion farmers who have been battling to produce under the crippling effects of illegal sanctions.