cottonn.jpgCotton production has surpassed last year’s output with over 112 000 tonnes delivered so far to COTTCO depots countrywide.

The growth in cotton output, which is double the 54 000 tonnes produced last year, has been attributed to the Presidential Cotton Free Inputs Scheme.  

Cotton production continues to leap with latest statistics indicating deliveries to the COTTCO depots have doubled when compared to those of last year.

“Yes we can confirm that the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe received about 112 000 tonnes as compared to 54 000 tonnes last year. This is great improvement, we expected that this year national output will reach 120 000 tonnes compared to 74 000 produced by all players in the sector last year. It’s a positive development which can see the country returning its status as one of the biggest producers of quality cotton by world standards,” noted Pius Manamike, COTTCO Managing Director.

With the timely launch of the Presidential Cotton Free Inputs which have seen most farmers receiving seed and fertiliser well ahead the onset of the rains and more farmers coming on board, the production of the white gold is set for a major boom.

“We are now concentrating on educating the farmers to focus on improving yields, they used to plant 22 000 plants instead of 33 000 which is recommended per hectare, by so doing this will see output going up,” added Manamike.

The tremendous growth witnessed in the cotton sector comes at time demand for the high quality handpicked white gold has gone up on the international market.