consumer basket 03.09.10.jpgThe cost of living for a low income urban family of six for September increased by US$22.46 owing to electricity charges increase effected by the power utility ZESA at the beginning of the month.

The cost of living for a household of six in August stood at US$505.06 according the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe and has surged to US$527.27 in September reflecting a 0.04% increase.

CCZ executive director, Ms Rosemary Siyachitema said whilst the food basket has not changed much, the concern is that the prices which were once raised due to the firming of the rand against the US dollar have not gone down despite the rand weakening recently.

Retailers have come under the spotlight on numerous occasions as they unjustifiably increase prices of commodities sighting the strengthening of the rand against the US dollar.

However, there appears to be no reciprocal action when the rand weakens against the same currency.