The move to stamp out corruption and other illicit dealings is viewed as the best way in reviving the country’s economy and boost investor confidence.

Corruption is viewed as a major impediment to development as it scares away potential investors.

Analysts believe the tone set by President Emmerson Mnangagwa gives hope and has the capacity to turn around the economy.

An economic analyst Mr Zack Murerwa said there is need to review the legal framework to ensure restitution is considered as a restorative solution to the economy.

Mr Murerwa said; “The tone set by the President will contribute to an attitude change among Zimbabweans adding capacitating of the Anti Corruption Commission will further facilitate the boosting of investor confidence.

Another economic analyst Mr Persistence Gwanyanya believes the business sector is ready to ensure the successful implementation of the anti corruption drive.

President Mnangagwa has already extended an olive branch to those who have externalised money to come forward, a development that is expected to build a strong foundation for accountability and transparency.