chiwenga pics.jpgThe corporate world has been challenged to assist health institutions towards revitalising the service delivery system through engaging in public-private partnerships.


With the country’s health institutions still struggling due to the effects of illegal sanctions, indigenous corporate organisations have become critical in the transformation of the health delivery system.


Managing Director of a reflective materials manufacturing company which donated various products to patients at Harare Central Hospital, Mrs. Jocelyn Chiwenga urged the corporate world to play major roles so as to transform the country’s health sector.


“The corporate world should unite in assisting the country’s health institutions, weekly and even monthly depending on the strength of the organisation because one day we will be patients in one of these hospitals,” said Mrs Chiwenga.


Harare Hospital Matron, Philisia Mandeya said the gesture by the indigenous company will go a long way in easing pressure on the hospital.


“We appreciate the work which is being done by indigenous business people and should be emulated by others in transforming the health sector,” said Ms Mandeya.


The public-private partnership model is being adopted by government  to revitalise institutions which are distressed for the benefit of the general populace.