police officers 12-09-10.jpgThree Zimbabwe Republic Police officers have been nabbed for illegal dealing in ivory.


The three – Tinashe Manezi, Anxious Kodoya and Daniel Manjengwa – who were based at Kazungula Police Station in Matabeleland North Province, are alleged to have been found in possession of close to 60 kilogrammes of ivory which they were trying to smuggle to Botswana.


It is the State’s case that the accused found a dead elephant in Matetsi Safari and allegedly took the tusks to a no-man’s-land between Zimbabwe and Botswana border instead of reporting to authorities.


The trio is further alleged to have added the two tusks to some of their previous loot and smuggled them to Botswana, where they were nabbed.


The trial took long to commence after some key witnesses in Botswana were reluctant to cooperate.