ruwa copper wire.pngPolice are investigating a suspected case of copper cable stealing which is suspected to have occurred at a Ruwa Farm just outside the capital.

Mr Shadrack Ziko says he moved into a farm that he was resettled in two weeks ago.

The place, known as Clovadael B Estate, is said to have been under the ownership of Mr Roy Logan.

Ziko says while he was doing some rounds around the farm, thcopper wires-ruwa.pngey located huge piles of remains of copper cables in one of the barns.

Ziko says they suspected something was amiss after realising that the cables could have been ZESA property and they then called the police.

Police Spokesperson Inspector James Sabau confirmed the incident, saying they are investigating the matter which was reported at Ruwa Police Post.

Inspector Sabau said no arrests have been made and neither have any suspects been identified.

The country’s power utility has cited vandalism on its infrastructure as one of the major challenges that it has had to contend with over the years.