copac co chairs 25.10.10.jpgThe Zimbabwe Liberation War Collaborators (ZILIWACO) has threatened COPAC with legal action, citing a number of irregularities in the drafting of the new constitution.

In a letter written by a local law firm,  Guni and Guni Legal Practitioners and dated  January 10, 2012, ZILIWACO has written to  COPAC  giving a five day ultimatum and demanding that the constitution making body produce and publish a national report which is the sole and exclusive embodiment of the views of the people.

ZILIWACO threatened legal action if COPAC also fails to forward the national report to the drafters as the basis for constitution drafting, produce and publish a mandate to drafters in written form and to produce and publish the methodology to be used by drafters in dealing with data in the national report.

COPAC has been hit by various snags with insider sources citing hefty allowances as the main reason why those involved in the process do not want to see the process coming to an end.