mangwana 17-11-10 ed.jpgThe Constitution making process has been rocked with a fresh scandal with reports that the bringing in of Dr Hassen Ibrahim, who is a foreigner, into the drafting team was in violation of the Global Political Agreement.

There are reports that Dr Ibrahim was smuggled by COPAC into the drafting committee.

It is alleged that Dr. Ibrahim was smuggled by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to influence the outcome of the draft constitution.

Sources within COPAC revealed that Dr. Ibrahim has become the stumbling block whenever a deadlock has been reached by the three parties in COPAC.

It is further alleged that Dr Ibrahim has a bad track record consistent with being used by the British and the Americans to smuggle their interests in developing countries’ constitutions.

COPAC Co-chairperson, Cde Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana said Dr. Ibrahim was brought following an agreement between COPAC and UNDP, adding that his presence will not compromise the process.

But political scientist, Professor Jonathan Moyo insists that involving Dr. Ibrahim in the draft constitution for almost seven months now is scandalous.

Other analysts say it is high time that the GPA principals institute a commission of enquiry to seriously investigate the COPAC select committee’s continuous transgression from the people’s views.

Meanwhile, the Constitution Select Committee has refuted media reports that they were given an ultimatum to conclude the draft constitution by the principals to the Global Political Agreement.

Last week, the principals to the GPA gave the COPAC management committee a two week ultimatum to conclude the constitution’s drafting process.

The decision by the principals is said to have been made after the realisation that the constitution select team was taking longer than expected to come up with a draft constitution.

The COPAC team has however refuted ever receiving official communication from the principals maintaining that they are working within their given timelines.

Speaking during a press briefing, COPAC co-chairperson, Cde Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana said up to now they have not received any such communication from the management committee which they report to.

In a related issue, the Constitution Select Committee has finally completed reviewing the 18 chapters of the draft constitution and have assured the nation that by next week Friday a draft will be out, marking a conclusion to the prolonged drafting process which had become redundant and monotonous.

Some of the constitutional principles which are guiding the constitution making process and are a foundation of the proposed draft include the supremacy of the constitution, recognition of the separation of powers, recognition of Zimbabwe’s liberation, democracy, sovereignty of the state and its people, recognition of the importance of a bill of rights by entrenching it in the constitution among other principles.