eric matinenga 05.08.10.jpgThe Minister of Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs, Advocate Eric Matinenga has dismissed as baseless ,rumours peddled by some sections of the media and civil society about the intimidation of the public from attending outreach meetings.

Briefing journalists on the progress of the constitution-making outreach process, Advocate Matinenga castigated some sections of the media and the civil society for spreading unfounded rumours on issues surrounding the postponement of outreach meetings in Manicaland Province.

He said the real issue is the dispute between rappotuers in Manicaland Province  and not intimidation. 


The minister committed himself to resolving the disputes as a matter of urgency.

“The issue in Manicaland was a result of a misunderstanding between a rapportuer and his senior. It had nothing to do with intimidation as reported by the media.

“From my experience in Binga, I am satisfied that the outreach is alive,” said Advocate Matinenga.

The private media has for long been found wanting by peddling lies on issues in the inclusive government for ulterior motives.

Responding to issues that some non-governmental organisations were being denied a chance to perform their duties by law enforcement agents, Advocate Matinenga advised the NGOs to follow the proper procedures before jumping to conclusions.

“Its simple, NGOs should follow laid down procedures.

copac road show.jpg“I can’t answer on behalf of anyone but if you have queries you have to address them to COPAC and if not resolved you can reach my office.

“However, none of such queries have been brought to my office,” he said.

The minister also clarified the issue of attendance by the public where he made it clear that an average of 200 people have been recorded per meeting countrywide ever since COPAC resumed its outreach programmes on the 19th of July.